Contaminated Dirt Hauling
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Contaminated Dirt Hauling

13 Oct Contaminated Dirt Hauling

How to Choose the Best Transporter and Hauler of Contaminated Dirt

When a situation arises that requires a professional transporter and hauler of contaminated soil, there are several things to consider. These include:
. Volume of contaminated dirt to be hauled and transported
. Type of contamination
. Distance between the affected site and nearest landfill
. Landfill charges
. Manifest documents required
. State and federal compliance regulations
. DOT transportation regulations for truck, ship and rail transport

Design of a Contaminated Dirt Transporting Plan

Every business that requires hauling and/or transporting to a clean landfill should create the best plan to expedite removal of contaminated soil or slurry.

The plan begins with acquiring several estimates from haulers and transporters. Often, details in vendors’ scopes of work differ slightly. Slight differences can cost the site owner more than is necessary. Be prepared to provide details of the project, including the volume of soil to be hauled and transported.

Types of Contamination

The types of contaminated soil depend on the source. As for the actual texture of the material, it can be typical dirt removed from a construction site, a remediation site like a gasoline station or an industrial site where various chemical compounds have leached into the soil, on and off the property lines.

Often, sites designated by the US EPA or state federal agency is involved in a massive cleanup project of contaminated slurry or soil that has to be removed and transported to the federally designated landfill. The specific types of chemicals that require transport and removal to a landfill are found on the US EPA Federal Register (

In addition, most facilities that process or use chemicals and/or gases are required to maintain a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) Manual for the processing and handling of products containing chemicals, as well as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on each chemical manufactured or used on site that is hazardous to health, wildlife or the environment.

In addition, each facility or site that may have potential contamination is required to maintain a Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan that includes safety training for employees, federal and state emergency contacts and emergency spill support contacts.

Emergency Spill Support

When choosing a hauler for contaminated slurry and soil, be sure to review the methods used for removal. Blackstone Transport is a trusted, transporter that has provided hauling and transport of hazardous waste to designed landfills since 1999. To save time and expedite the remediation process, Blackstone Transport is a fully licensed, reliable hauling and transport service. When you need emergency spill support fast, Blackstone Transport understands the importance of same day service for our customers. Loads are maximized to save customers’ added costs.

We use state-of-the-art trucks and equipment to insure that your soil removal is in compliance and is properly routed to the most cost-effective designated landfill. Our customers rely on our experience as a leader in the transport industry. We pride ourselves on efficient management of hauling and transport for customers with contaminated soil problems. To hire Blackstone Transport, contact us here. 


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