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Blackstone Transport provides Safe, Professional and Fast Transportation for all of your transportation needs. Located in Leesburg VA, and servicing the VA, DC, and MD area.
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Your Construction Transport Company

03 Nov Your Construction Transport Company

Smart Trucking Choices

The trucking industry is undergoing a lot of change right now. With all of the extra government regulations in the industry, many companies are struggling to make a profit. In addition, many companies are having a hard time filling their trucks with qualified drivers.
Choosing your construction transport company can be easy.  Here are a few tips to consider when selecting a construction transport company and some of the most important criteria to look for.

On Time Percentage

Although no trucking company will always be on time, this is a vital measure to look at when choosing a trucking company. In the Baltimore Washington region, there are many different construction sites as the economy continues to improve.

With a large construction project, many companies cannot afford to fall behind due to the permit delays, let alone the trucking company that they choose. If your company operates on a strict timeline, it is vital to choose a trucking company with a solid on time percentage. Over the long term, this is one of the best metrics for measuring a trucking company.

Professional Drivers

With the high rate of driver turnover in the industry, there is a huge lack of professional drivers today. Many drivers in the industry have little to no experience in driving a truck. Many times, these new drivers are not worried about reaching their destination on time and might be working for a quick paycheck. Using a trucking company with professional drivers is a long term benefit for all parties.

Blackstone Transport is a company that takes pride in the professionalism of their drivers. Not only do they invest in training their drivers, but they also train drivers to be professional with their customers. The impact is evident with the on time rate and response time of a driver. In addition, having drug free drivers is a notable plus.

Count on Blackstone Transport

In the construction transport sector today, it can be difficult to find a quality trucking company that you can count on. Blackstone Transport has a rapid response fleet that can meet your transportation and hauling needs. Our expansive fleet is one of the best in the Baltimore Washington region.

The next time your project needs quick excavation removal, aggregate delivery or contaminated soil transfer – look no further than Blackstone Transport.  Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities and driver opportunities.

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